Monday, May 3, 2010

Jamie's Food Revolution Omelet

Photo 1 - Fanny Lalonde (Most Votes!)
Photo 2 - Roberta Boyle (Really close second!)
Photo 3 - Josée Marino

This month was a last minute idea when we found out Jamie would be posting ingredients on Twitter on Friday. We gave ourselves the weekend to shoot which was a tighter deadline than we are used to.

Our first thought when we saw that it was an omelet was "Omelet? That's a little boring." Our second thought was "Darn, I can't make a decent-looking omelet.". Well, a couple of us checked out the video. It really didn't look that hard. I even recruited my daughter to make the omelet. It was her first one, and she did a great job.

So now we all can make a decent omelet. It wasn't boring, and it wasn't very difficult. What about the photo?

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Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3